Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Yo Yo Table Runner

Are you into home made table runners?  Well, do I have a project for you.  This project is using linked fabric yo yo's to make a table runner.  This is something I have been making for years and years so I have a lot of different designs.

First,  you need to get at least three yards of your favorite cotton fabric.  The fabrics that work the best are ones that have a  design with a small print.  That way the images will be clearly shown on the small face of the yo yo.  This is the fabric I chose for this project.  

To start, wash and iron your fabric.  Then, turn the fabric to the wrong side and using a bowl, small plate, or cup trace circles onto the fabric.  You are going to need a lot of circles.  The smaller the item you use to trace your circles the smaller your yo yo's and the more you will need to complete your project.

Once all your circles are traced onto the fabric, you can start cutting them all out.

Ok.  Now that you have a pile of circles and the next step is to stitch them closed.  Fold over the edge of the circle so that the fold is on the wrong side of the fabric and then sew on the fold like in the photo above.

Pull the strings tight then tie the ends together to close the circle. Right side out.

Flatten the circle, then sew them together on four sides like shown above.

When you have enough circles sewn together to fit the size you want you are finished.  Turn the circles over to hide all the stitching and decorate as you wish.  These can be really fun and add a great look to your table for any holiday.

Take care!


  1. Great idea Dawn, this looks fab. Carol x

  2. Dawn, your yo yo's look awesome. Never thought of making something like a table runner with them.

  3. Clever idea, this looks really pretty....

  4. What a great idea Dawn, I might just have to try this sometime!! :)


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