Friday, October 29, 2010

Stamped Christmas Ornament

Ok today we will be making a stamped christmas ornament.  To make this ornament we need fabric, a pencil, a cup, wreath stamp, two ink pads, ribbon, fiberfill, needle, thread, sewing machine and viva decor red.

First, I traced a cup onto fabric.  The fabric I used is an unbleached muslin.

Time to cut out the circles.  Cut outside your drawn pencil line.

Now we are ready to stamp on the fabric.  I used a wreath hero arts stamp and two stazon ink colors, olive green and cactus green.

Stamp the image once with each color to give the wreath some depth.  Then iron the fabric to heat set the ink.

Sew right sides together leaving a small opening to turn the fabric right sides out.  Then stuff the ornament with fiberfill. I used 100% polyester fiberfill.

Sew the small opening closed with a red ribbon sewn in place while closing the opening.  Make a bow out of the same ribbon and sew it to the wreath.


Finally, use viva decor red to place dots on the wreath to look like holly fruit.


You have a beautiful ornament to decorate your tree with for the holidays.  Send one to a friend.  They make a great gift.  After all, they are handmade by you.  :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Football Fan Birthday Card

For the football fan in your life here is a great birthday card for them.  This football player is colored in the colors of the receivers favorite team.

This card is made with the Greeting Farm Football player stamp.  You can find this stamp here. The "P" is from the quickutz university font and the "happy b-day" is from a cuttlebug die.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Greeting Farms Card for Stamp

A Card for a Stamp Drive


What is it: TGF is looking for cards to showcase at tradeshow and etc and will to give you a free stamp for every card that is selected.

What to do: Email us any new or existing cards (or altered items) that you have created with TGF stamps this year to with subject heading: CARD for STAMP. You can submit as many cards as you want. The TGF staff will be going through all emails and selecting cards they like from all the submissions. For every card that is selected, we will be trading one single stamp. So for example if you submit 10 cards and we choose 7 cards from it, you will get your choice of 7 single stamps! Nifty right? 

Card Rules: Card must be made this year. It can be made using TGF rubber or digi image. We are looking for any TGF images! As well as keeping a keen out out for any Creeper cards or OA cards since we don't have many of those onhand. But any Anya, Ian, Wild Sprout, Cheeky, etc are always a good bet.

How do we know if our card(s) is selected: We will be contacting you through email if any of your cards is selected.

What do we do if our card(s) is selected: If any of your cards is selected, we will contact you for your choice of single stamp or stamps if we choose more than one card. We do require you to send in your card(s) prior to sending out your stamps to you. We encourage you to add delivery confirmation to ensure that your card(s) reach us. Unfortunately we are not responsible to for lost cards in the mail, that's why we hope you put some sort of tracking or etc to make sure that your card reaches us.

Deadline: No deadline. This is ongoing.

Yayyy so I hope you all participate!

Pom Pom Flower

Today I will show you how to make this fun flower embellishment. 

First you need a leaf punch to punch out two leaves from green cardstock.  
I used the Martha Stewart leaf punch to make mine.

Next, you need a one inch circle punch to make eight circles.  I used the one inch Martha Stewart scalloped circle punch.  The scalloped circle adds just a little more dimension to the flower but a regular circle punch will work just fine.

Ok, you have your two leaves, eight circles and now you need a tool to pierce paper 
plus one brad to hold the circles together.

Stack the eight circles and use the tool to pierce through all eight layers.  Once you have your hole in the center of all eight circles put the brad through the hole and spread the wings of the brad on the back to hold the eight circles in place.

Now to start making the circles look like a flower.  One layer at a time squish up the paper around the brad top to create the look of the petals on a flower.  

Work through all eight layers until you get something that looks like the flower below.

For the leaves, you need to pull off the stems, then to create dimension on the leaf pinch the tip of the leaf.

Last, add a glue dot to the bottom of the flower and stick the end of the leaves not pinched to the flower.  Fluff the flower petals until it looks the way you like it and then add them to your favorite card or layout.

Let me know what you did with your pom pom flowers.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Card

October 24, 2010

Welcome to my blog Always Crafting!  This is my very first post.

It's Halloween time so decorating and sending out cards to family and friends is well under way.  Here is a card I made from one of my favorite Halloween stamps.  It is Twisted Sister Oleander by Sweet November.  You can get this stamp here.  I added a cat button and a bit of ribbon to add some dimension to this simple card.