Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick and Easy Knitting

Hello Everyone,

It is early in the morning here and I just wanted to pull out some of my winter projects that I did not finish from last winter.  Shh.. Don't tell anyone but yes I have a ton of unfinished project not just winter ones.  I am just happy to be finishing the two I pulled out of my collection.

The first one is a slim scarf I was making for one of my kids.  They just love the lightweight slim ones.

It is almost done and still on the knifty knitter from Provo Craft.  I have quite a few of these knifty knitters in different sizes and shapes.  I don't really know how to knit in the traditional sense.  I would love to learn but wouldn't know where to start.  So I have opted for the easy way.

My second project is a knitted belt for my daughter.  She loves to have weird and different belts and this seems to work for her.

Yes, this one is also still on the knifty knitter but just needs to be taken off the device.  Then it will be done.

Check these knifty knitters out.  You can make all kinds of quick projects with these lovely products.  I used something like the pink knifty knitter above as a kid so that should tell you how easy they are to use.

Will post pictures when they are all done.



  1. No way! Are you telling me I could even knit per se with one of these Knifty Knitters?! May need to look into these. I am sure the kids will love their homemade knit items. :)

  2. Is there no end to your talents Dawn, lovely knitting projects, you have lucky children.

  3. I'm working on an unfinished project from last Winter too...but it is a blanket knitted in all one piece. And it is taking FOREVER. Measured it last night and still only hlaf done. I hope it is done by the Spring :)

    Your projects are great.


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