Friday, January 7, 2011

January Wall Decoration

Good Morning...  I am one of those people that have decorations up for every month of the year.  Crazy huh?  Well it keeps me happy!  My latest project is a January decoration for my wall.  I have been wanting to make a January decoration for my front hall wall for a while now.  Just couldn't think of what I wanted to do.  What I came up with is what amounts to a framed winter scene or large winter card.  It is snowing outside today so a perfect day for a winter scene to hang on the wall.

I will be making a insert for the frame for every month.  Got to keep the decorations new and changing!  This frame is an old one I had hanging around the house.  So a very inexpensive decoration.  Do you decorate for every month?

This January Wall Decoration is featured on the Pink Cat Studio's blog!!  So cool.  To see the post click here.

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  1. I don't decorate every month, but I do a little something for all holidays.

    I love this frame, it is very creative and cute.


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