Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wall Decorations

I need some wall art for the bathroom so I decide to make my own.  I bought several 8 by 10 inch canvases and decided to paint one plum to see how it looked once done.

It looks pretty good so far don't you think.  In the picture it looks hot pink but it is really plum.

It needs a little more decoration before it can be called wall art so using a new product I found at my local craft store I painted some of the FolkArt textured paint over a small stencil.

The color texture paint I used is called snow white.  It really pops off the plum colored paint. The paint is really thick and creates great dimension on the canvas.

I need to make a few more of the painted canvases to hang on the wall and this one needs to be sealed.  I will update with pictures as soon as they are all completed.  This one might need some more embellishments.  I haven't decide yet.  Do you like things with a lot of bling or just somewhat plain and simple?  Either way homemade is the best!


  1. Love it! I love to do canvas art with scrap paper and deopauge. ( I can't spell tonight)

  2. this is so cool, thanks for sharing!


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