Friday, October 29, 2010

Stamped Christmas Ornament

Ok today we will be making a stamped christmas ornament.  To make this ornament we need fabric, a pencil, a cup, wreath stamp, two ink pads, ribbon, fiberfill, needle, thread, sewing machine and viva decor red.

First, I traced a cup onto fabric.  The fabric I used is an unbleached muslin.

Time to cut out the circles.  Cut outside your drawn pencil line.

Now we are ready to stamp on the fabric.  I used a wreath hero arts stamp and two stazon ink colors, olive green and cactus green.

Stamp the image once with each color to give the wreath some depth.  Then iron the fabric to heat set the ink.

Sew right sides together leaving a small opening to turn the fabric right sides out.  Then stuff the ornament with fiberfill. I used 100% polyester fiberfill.

Sew the small opening closed with a red ribbon sewn in place while closing the opening.  Make a bow out of the same ribbon and sew it to the wreath.


Finally, use viva decor red to place dots on the wreath to look like holly fruit.


You have a beautiful ornament to decorate your tree with for the holidays.  Send one to a friend.  They make a great gift.  After all, they are handmade by you.  :)


  1. Such a quick and easy project. Fun to do with the kids

  2. What a fun project! I can see it also being decorated with the IRock. :) Can you tell that I have had enough of that tool? lol! keep up the great work.

  3. this is precious--I love the red holly berries you made with the viva pens! super cute!


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