Monday, October 25, 2010

Pom Pom Flower

Today I will show you how to make this fun flower embellishment. 

First you need a leaf punch to punch out two leaves from green cardstock.  
I used the Martha Stewart leaf punch to make mine.

Next, you need a one inch circle punch to make eight circles.  I used the one inch Martha Stewart scalloped circle punch.  The scalloped circle adds just a little more dimension to the flower but a regular circle punch will work just fine.

Ok, you have your two leaves, eight circles and now you need a tool to pierce paper 
plus one brad to hold the circles together.

Stack the eight circles and use the tool to pierce through all eight layers.  Once you have your hole in the center of all eight circles put the brad through the hole and spread the wings of the brad on the back to hold the eight circles in place.

Now to start making the circles look like a flower.  One layer at a time squish up the paper around the brad top to create the look of the petals on a flower.  

Work through all eight layers until you get something that looks like the flower below.

For the leaves, you need to pull off the stems, then to create dimension on the leaf pinch the tip of the leaf.

Last, add a glue dot to the bottom of the flower and stick the end of the leaves not pinched to the flower.  Fluff the flower petals until it looks the way you like it and then add them to your favorite card or layout.

Let me know what you did with your pom pom flowers.


  1. Love these flowers - I wet the circles sometimes to make the squishing easier. Thanks for sharing

  2. What fun. I will need to try these.

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with us.

    PS. This picture of me is older than dirt.


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