Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I received a lovely surprise today from Martha at www.thecardboutique.blogspot.com.  She sent me the versatile blogger award!  Please stop on over to her blog and check it out!!  Martha is very talented and has great ideas and inspiration to share.  Thank you Martha, I really appreciate the award!!!

The rules to this award are:

1.) Thank the person who gave it to you
2.) 7 things about yourself
3.) Send it to 15 other bloggers

1.  I love digital stamps!
2.  I enjoy talking to and sharing ideas with other crafters!
3.  I am always crafting!  LOL
4.  I love shopping for more craft supplies!  
5.  Love working with Copic Markers!
6.  Love working with the ladies on my DT groups!
7.  I am blessed!

I would like to share this award with the following bloggers:  Please stop by each one and check them out. They are awesome and have a lot of crafty ideas to share!

Thanks ladies for all the inspiration!


  1. Congrats on your award Dawn!!!
    and thank you for sharing it with me!

    It sometimes takes me awhile to get awards posted but I will!
    hugs & blessings!

  2. Congratulations :-) Just thought I would pop by and follow you and say I am so pleased to be on the OSCC DT with you :-) Elaine-xxx-

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Dawn! I love to see what you have been creating. And when you share new sites for me to check out.

  4. Congrats on your awesome award, Dawn!! And thank you for sharing it with me!!! :)

    Scrapendipity's Studio

  5. Dawn, thank you soooo much for the award!!!!

  6. Thanks so much for the award Dawn!!

  7. Congratulations and thank you!

  8. Congrats on your award Dawn! Thanks for sharing the award with me!!


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